Coig Cottage Garden

LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

A productive and attractive permaculture garden made up of useful plants including fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers along with somewhere to sit and enjoy it.

I am trying to create a sustainable kitchen garden providing some of my fruit and veg needs. I intend that all plants grown are useful in some way either for eating, herbal or just aesthetic to my eye. The project has been designed using permaculture principles including designing from patterns to details ie how after the overall design has been considered the details, specific planting, followed. Also the principle of 'no waste' is demonstrated by composting, plant division and seed saving. There are various elements within the garden such as keyhole beds, compost bins and under planting that demonstrate some of its multi functions. I see the project evolving over time as I discover what works and what doesn't along with my own journey of learning continues.

Contact details: 
Project start date: 
September, 2010
Coig Cottage 5 Slockavullin,
by Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute PA31 8QG
United Kingdom
Argyll and Bute GB