Charwood Farm

LAND Region: 
EnglandSouth West
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Learner

Charwood Farm is a proposed Agroforestry Enterprise sited on three acres of former pastureland. Our primary activity is carbon capture.

We aim to grow a variety of produce on a commercial basis whilst providing environmental, economic, social and educational benefits to the local and wider communities. Our plants are grown in Char-compost, derived from waste streams and produced on-site, housed in a controlled environment and irrigated by an aquaponic system. Around this core to our enterprise is a diverse edge ranging from natural bee-keeping and willow work to a frog nursery. UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2016: So far we have encountered a number of obstacles, including red tape and a destructive north-easterly, all of which have drained our resources for now. In an effort to be creatiive around our current limitations we are concentrating on Zone 00. We have started a social enterprise, Creative Contemplations, offering a mixture of regular free mindful crafting meetings as well as low-cost immersive weekends, which are held in Youth Hostel Association venues. These are designed to instill a practice of using craft as an accessible form of meditation. When we are back on the land, mindful crafting will be an integral element of the Charwood Farm system.

Contact Name: 
Telephone number: 
07546 412426
Project start date: 
January, 2013
meditating crafted bear