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Brook End is a 4-acre family smallholding in Somerset that is managed organically and designed on permaculture principles.

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Brook End is a smallholding designed for family resilience at every level, growing food, medicine and fuel while enhancing biodiversity and beauty. The land is diverse with an old orchard, woodland, stream and pond, as well as a 2-acre field. There are 7 greenhouses and a polytunnel as well as intensive vegetable and herb gardens. The project aims to be a centre for poly-livelihoods through selling produce, establishing a plant nursery & herb-based business as well as offering permaculture education and consultancy. We aim to help people reconnect to the land through land-based courses hosted at Brook End as well as through nature-orientated camps that we host in the summer months. Brook End is home to Nicole, diploma apprentice who works for a local community food charity, Michele, a mental health nurse & avid gardener, Ian, a retired engineer who is building an extension for his mum to move in; three generations for whom permaculture is a way of life.

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In summary : Managing all horticultural activities organically & through permaculture planting & soil care strategies e.g. mulching, composting, maximising perennials Applying permaculture design principles before implementation i.e. permaculture is affecting everything we do and is the largest influencer of our implementation plan. We have actively observed the site for over 1 year. Storing energy through rainwater harvesting & soil development. Designing for poly-livelihoods that will be of service to the local and national permaculture community Designing to support local biodiversity & appropriately diversifying all areas of the site Applying zoning to the how we manage the land Using the permaculture ethics to ensure our work has community benefit, through convening affordable and useful events and are in liason with local agencies about potential collaboration e.g. a local mental health project in Yeovil
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December, 2009
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