Brighton Permaculture Trust

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LAND Centre

Brighton Permaculture Trust are involved in several initiatives that encourage the growing, harvesting and eating of local food, whilst increasing diversity. Brighton Permaculture Trust are a local community food intiative.

Brighton Permaculture Trust is over ,multiple sites with a core focus at Stanmer Park, where we are custodians of a small orchard designed to promte Old Sussex apple varieites. We also run a nursery dedicated to growing orchards for community locations across Sussex. We are developing a forest garden and permaculture sample beds for use both as support for our courses and for opportunities for the general public and schools. We run severla eco clubs in schools and intiatives to develop growing practices within the school grounds, that will engage their local communities. We have another project that is mapping, picking, processing and disseminating fruit from sources that would otherwise be wasted. This is our scrumping project.

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
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Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: 50 with preparation. Group visit scheme: yes.
S.A.D.I.M PMIs , zoning , fair shares, people care, earth care, swales, no-dig. Community building, awareness raising, multiple yields. We have a design which is regularly assessed and maintained, the design changes where appropriate to keep the project growing well.
Project start date: 
January, 2007
Brighton Permaculture Trust
Stanmer Park
Brighton, East Sussex
United Kingdom
East Sussex GB