Blue Rock Station

A sustainable living center in southeast Ohio offering tours of various projects including a house made of tires, cans and bottles.

Ever thought about building a house out of tires, or cans or bottles? Blue Rock Station has, and you can take a tour of Blue Rock Station, home of Ohios first Earthship to learn the techniques necessary to create structures, retaining walls and pillars out of pre-cycled materials such as bottles, cans and tires. Earthship & Sustainability Tours: Visit Blue Rock Station to get ideas on how to create a sustainable living way of life, or just to marvel at the construction techniques. Tour the 2,200 square foot house, currently under construction that utilizes tires, cans, old barn wood, bottles and mud to form a home heated by the sun, earth and wood. Hands on Activities: During your visit you might have an opportunity to pound tires with clay, build a wall out of bottles or learn about thermal mass and passive solar heating. Other possible activities include using the sun to cook, learning about Victorian cottage gardens, walking through the sunflower house, making whirlygigs out of trash, visiting the llamas or rare breed chickens, and different ways to compost waste. Workshops are held monthly on a variety of topics including construction techniques for earthships and strawbale buildings.

Contact Name: 
Annie Warmke
Telephone number: 
1190 Virginia Ridge Road
Philo, Ohio 43771
United States
Ohio US