Blue Paradise Farms

Blue Paradise Farms in Friendship District, Westmoreland, Jamaica will see the transformation of 15 acres of ex-sugarcane plantation into a Permaculture resort-cum-training site where course tutors/facilitators, events organisers and persons of goodwill are welcome.

Blue Paradise Farms in Friendship Didtrict, Westmoreland, Jamaica is a start-up eco-resort-cum-training site.

The plan is to create a tranquil environment, a Permaculture demonstration residential smallholding where teachers or facilitators can hold courses or events. Visitors will be able come to relax and leaving behind the cares and stresses of a fast paced modern life or even use it as a base to explore this beautiful island - your home away from home.

To kick off development of the site we are running our first ever Full & Certified Permaculture Design Course! This course, led by International Permaculture Teacher Peter Cow, will start the transformation of 15 acres of a former sugarcane plantation into a Permaculture resort-cum-training site. It promises to be a fun-filled yet educational experience.

In addition to the full 72 hour PDC course:

• We have our own professional Jamaican chef, Chef Kevin who caters for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters
• Apart from being a Permaculture tutor, Peter Cow is also a musician and will share his music with us.
• We have a field trip to an idyllic eco-resort which has an organic farm, river, off-grid energy etc. etc.
• There will also be a talent show

Please share this post with your friends and support Blue Paradise Farms as we strive to create a haven where persons of goodwill are welcome, create real opportunities for Jamaicans and share Permaculture knowledge.

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Please come along to learn, to enjoy and to assist this very worthy project.

Contact us at blueparadisefarms @ or 0743 207 2677 (UK Mobile)

Thank you for your support.

Project start date: 
March, 2014
Blue Paradise Farms Friendship District
Westmoreland West Indies