Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden

LAND Region: 
EnglandYorkshire & The Humber
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LAND Learner

A 6 year old inner city, community-driven forest garden which aims to demonstrate the incredible potential of creating multifunctional and resilient spaces from otherwise marginalised land through forest gardening.

Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden is an open access garden in Woodhouse, LS6, that aims to educate people on how forest gardening can be a viable alternative to food production, resilient to climactic and social change. We aim to educate volunteers and the local community about forest gardening and wider environmental issues through workdays, workshops and discussion. We believe in the ‘urbalisation’ of our cities – ‘bringing rural life to the city’. Scroll down to see our latest poster of what we’re doing now
Since its inception in February 2010 we've held regular workdays and now offer a variety of workshops and events to skill the urbanite into an 'urbalite'!

Member Project known date: 
Wednesday, 18 January, 2012
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Bedford Fields
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Woodhouse Cliff Woodhouse
Leeds LS6 2HF
United Kingdom