Alara Wholefoods Permaculture Garden

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LAND Centre

Many days ago there was a dark and dingy dump, desecrated with detritus and dirty discards; dangerous and diseased.

We laboured and lugged, lifted lots of logs, let in the light, lured laughter to the land.

People prepared and planted pears and pomegranates, peaches, peas and passion fruit and plenty more in Permaculture paradise.

Much now grows as green regains the ground and greets grateful spirits gracefully in the garden.

This is a hidden, half acre strip of land at the back of our Alara factory site, adjacent to the high speed railway track from St Pancras Station.

We started it in 2004, working with a local youth charity called Jubilee Waterside Centre.  Since that date we have also planted, on other areas of the factory site, a vineyard and a community food growing space used by minority ethnic groups from the borough. We are also working on plans to build an anaerobic digester in partnership with another local business.  

The forest garden is very much part of our company ethos. Staff are encouraged to work in and enjoy the garden, taking time off from the production line. Local people are welcome to enjoy the space. We have wormeries and a compost bin.  We estimate that the garden has the potential to sequester about 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Plants include Japanese Plum, Yew, Japanese Dogwood, Mulberry, Pineapple Guava and Pomegranate.  

Our vision for the site is to develop it as an educational space to teach people about the principals and potential of permaculture, healthy eating, food miles and the importance of food growing in tackling the issues of global warming and peak oil.  

Alara Wholefoods Ltd is a company, established 1975, that produces organic & gluten free muesli. We have a reputation for a sustainable approach to business, and won the Camden Eco Award in 2009 amongst other accolades. Our mission is to be the most sustainable food manufacturer on Earth! Our measures to reach this
aim includes financial, social and environmental.

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Friday, 13 January, 2012
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Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: from 10 - 20. Group visit scheme: yes.
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Alex Smith
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020 7387 9303
From the outset, we designed the garden following permaculture principals. We stratify our planting, using three or four layers of trees then plants. Biodiversity is our priority, and we grow a wide range of food plants, many of which are a great surprise to our visitors.
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June, 2004
110-112 Camley Street
London N1C 4PF
United Kingdom