What is an Ethical Lifestyle to you?

We're looking for working group participants to support the development of Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit.

You may have seen our successful Crowdfunder, which raised raised £28,544 with 614 supporters in 101 days, on 26th January 2020 to develop personalised toolkits to aid all people to move towards more ethical lifestyles.

But what is an ethical lifestyle to you?

This is a big question which will mean different things to different people.

We're looking for working group participants to ensure that our toolkit is equitable. This equity work is the most important aspect of our toolkit development, as we do not want to develop a toolkit for one portion of society nor make assumptions about people's lives or their choices.

Initially we want to invite you to a 1 hour zoom meeting for you to:

1. Discuss what an ethical lifestyle is
2. Agree how to work with us remotely on an ongoing basis, so to
- critique existing tools from your unique perspective and
- help us design a better toolkit for a diverse range of people.

I would like to host an initial session with you on zoom considering disability, neuro-diversity and chronic illness, at a time convenient to the group (to arrange via poll) ideally before the end of July.

We have partners working with us to discuss 'ethical lifestyles' in different groups - they are each initially leading a session with traditionally marginalised or underrepresented groups; BAME, different ages, and access needs (inc BSL) etc and you may be invited to join up in one group going forwards, after this initial open conversation.

If you are very keen to input and are not disabled, neurodiverse or chronically ill (this group's invite) but would like to offer your valuable input to this topic, please get in touch and I will pass on your details to the other partners leading sessions.

We're specifically looking for working group participants who can help us ensure that our toolkit is appropriate, useful and interesting to a broad range of people.

There will be opportunity for payment (£15 per hour) for those that cannot attend without it, ie a single parent with no time to contribute for free, or someone who would need the assistance of an additional paid staff member to attend. We are trying to get funding to pay all of our working group participants for their engagement, and if we are successful this will be back paid.

But please be mindful that we have under funded this area, and therefore cannot afford to pay all working group participants. We are only able to pay those that that would not be able to attend otherwise at this stage. Your input will be very valuable to us and we understand if you cannot offer your time for free.

Please Contact Jemma if you are interested in contributing.

Contact email: 

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