Want to help expand a LAND centre by 93 acres?!

The farm next door to the Inkpot is for saleThe farm next door to the Inkpot, (a well run 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm) is up for sale.

Hannah Thorogood, who runs the Inkpot is setting up a community land trust to buy it. The opportunity is to expand the current enterprises that run on the Inkpot, such as holistically managed, organic animals, vegetable gardens, forest gardens, courses and events.

Many more opportunities

The large barns and yard area will also allow for many more opportunities than are currently possible on the field at the Inkpot - a fully wheelchair accessible garden for horticultural therapies, all weather facilties for much larger groups, throughout the year, an expansion of the current intern scheme, the potential to host large events such as convergences, with public transport to the gate, and many more besides.

One of the main focuses of the business plans currently being designed is to set up a 'farm school' for current farmers, wannabe farmers, children and all sorts of other groups from a diversity of backgrounds to access on farm opportunities. To learn about permaculture methods, farming beyond oil, agroecology, carbon farming, regnerative practises etc. All of which are being demonstrated on a smaller scale already at the Inkpot.

The expansion would provide employment locally and further afield, but also in a landscape of large scale agriculture in Lincolnshire, a farm being run with these methods at 111 acres would turn the heads of many more farmers than the current 18 acres.

It is the intention of the Inkpot to never tell another farmer how to farm their land, rather to show an example of another way. To show for example, how already we can get three times the returns on each sheep than neighbouring farms, with a fraction of the inputs.

Securing the land

What we need now is to secure the land before anyone else swoops in and buys it. Hannah is compiling a humbling spreadsheet of wonderful people within the network who are willing and able to loan capital to buy the land. At a return, better than most banks at the moment.

We need to raise £800,000 - £1.2M depending on which lots we can secure and already are some way towards this. We are looking to secure loans from people.

The second stage will then be to launch a share offer, where we will be asking all of you to dig deep and buy shares at £50 each to help us to buy the land and pay back the loans.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the farm next door. To secure land in perpetuity, to be safe from GMOs, agro chemicals and instead turn it into a farm / nature reserve, where biodiverisity is as important as (or more than) financial returns, where people get to learn and share, and access land in a way they may never otherwise do.

Can you or someone you know help?

Hannah pledged at the end of the convergence this year to do everything she could to do this, so do get in touch if you or someone you know can help. 

0780 181 4086




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