Permaculture and Disaster Risk Reduction mailing list and calls

Are you interested in how permaculture can support community disaster preparedness and response and help communities and households both before and after flood, storm and fire events?

Our working group collaborates online through a mailing list and fortnightly community calls in both Asia Pacific and European Atlantic time zones.

We initially plan on hosting online seminars from Individuals and Groups using permaculture in disaster risk reduction and response work. In the longer term aim to develop excellent learning materials including a resource book about permaculture and disaster risk reduction. It would be great if we could develop an amazing advanced course that supports PDC graduates to lead community disaster risk reduction projects with a permaculture foundation.

You can sign up for the mailing list here and our call details and notes are kept in Etherpad. You can also contact me, Pippa Buchanan at the email address linked with this announcement.

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