New Home For Wild As The Wind Natural Skincare & Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind Natural Skincare & Essential Oils is currently located just south of Bristol, but I have been trying to move it to the Dorset Coast since April 2021. This has proven impossible due to the appalling lack of suitable rented accommodation. (I have been looking for a rural 2 bedroom house with garden within 20 miles of Bridport.)

My failure to find somewhere to relocate has forced me to commute to Bridport to attend the market as a trader. This is obviously very environmentally unsound, but also a very arduous and time consuming activity for me.

I am looking for a 2 x bedroom house with 2 x reception rooms, so that I can work from home some of the time.

I am also willing to consider buying a suitable log cabin for installation within the land of a permaculture farm.

Things are getting pretty desperate as I need to relocate within the next couple of months. The housing crisis is really quite impossible these days!

If anyone knows of anything remotely close to what I have mentioned, please get in touch.

Thank you,
Rachel x x x

Contact email: 

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