Live in a Forest Garden over Winter - East Sussex

Interested in Permaculture/Ecology work for the Autumn / Winter (November – March)?

Position: Forest Garden Steward (1 or 2 people)

Time: End of October 2018 – Beginning of March 2019

Site Description:
Rodmell Food Forest has been established for nearly 6 years; founded upon the principles of permaculture design and principally created to provide food for the community; provide a resilient and abundant wildlife corridor; provide a rich space for community engagement; and ultimately to be a beautiful, functional space for those who live on, and pass through the site.

The project is located in the countryside, 20 minutes drive from Brighton, and 10 minutes from Lewes. Accessible by train, bus, bike and foot.

Why position has arisen:
This position has been opened as part of a yearly plan. Every winter we essentially let the garden “sleep”, close the doors to volunteers, and invite a small group/couple to become caretakers of the land. I (Luke) will be leaving the project for the Winter, at the end of October, until late February; whereby upon return we will eventually re-open the volunteer invitations.

The exchange during your stay is very similar to that of WWOOF’ing.

Rodmell Food Forest provides you with accommodation (an 18ft Yurt equipped with a wood burning stove and a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and shower for your own use) and food (from the garden and local co-operatives – within a specific budget). Also you will be offered the use for a vehicle during your stay, provided you have a drivers licence.

You provide the equivalent of 30 hours of work per week per person (usually 5 hours per day, 5 days a week; however these hours can be organised to suit your needs best). Working on Wednesday is essential, as this is the day to receive instruction from the gardener for the rest of the week. If you manage your hours well, there is the possibility of having another part-time job alongside this position for the chance to earn an income.

The tasks will vary from week to week; however the general tasks over Winter include preparing soil, compost making, preserving/processing vegetables and fruits, weeding, vegetable-bed redesigning, end of season harvesting, tree pruning, general maintenance and improvements, seed organisation, etc.

The essential daily tasks will be to care for the chickens & ducks, feeding them each morning and ensuring their safety; as well as carrying out the normal living chores like in any household (taking out rubbish and recycling, keeping the area clean as you would your own home etc.)

Moving forward:
If you would like to sincerely apply for this role, then please let us know via email a little about yourself, your backgrounds (especially relevant experience), availability, and when you can arrange a visit, or at the least a Skype call to discuss in more detail.

We have had a number of people contact us for this role, and would like to have a clear decision made by the end of September.

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I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Warm regards,

Luke Manders
Volunteer Coordinator

“Growing resilience in the South Downs”

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