LAND Development Task Group - Volunteers wanted! (Low time commitment)

A LAND Development Task Group is being created to help take the LAND Project to the next stage.

This is being initiated by the Permaculture Scotland Working Group (PSWG) for the ScotLAND Project but will potentially have implications for the LAND Project in England and even further afield, internationally.

This group is being formed in response to one particular and pernicious issue. We are looking for people who can genuinely commit to the process, but this will not necessarily take too much time; it will involve a meeting every 2-3 weeks of up to 2 hours, plus any work you are actioned in between meetings.

The group is being formed "to develop a process which allows non-PDC holders to apply for (Scot)LAND Centre Status." Such a process will be comprehensive (it will have no 'cracks'), thorough (will verify an applicant's understanding up to the level expected from a PDC) and accessible (it will not take an excessive amount of time to apply).

Please see this working document to see the current stage of the proposed process. We are looking for anyone interested in this area to please make contact asap.

Please note, this is not the LAND Advisory Group, which has a different function. If you are interested in being part of the LAND Advisory Group, please read the Group Terms and contact me separately.


Desirable attributes and experiences of a volunteer are:

  • A good understanding of the role of Permaculture Association Britain
  • Involvement, past or present, with the LAND Project in England or Scotland, either as a Learner/Centre, a volunteer or PAB staff
  • An understanding or awareness of the Certifying Teachers' Register and the PDC Core Curriculum -Experience working in, and making decisions with, groups
  • Experience in evaluation and assessment -Some grasp of the Accreditation of Prior Learning assessment framework
  • Able to make regular time commitments
  • A focused attitude


We have had one meeting so far where we discussed the initial proposal and decided it was the best course of action to take. We are accepting new volunteers into the group all the time as there is plenty of work to be done. The next meeting is TBC.


What’s left to do?

  1. Adapt the Core Curriculum document as a first draft
  2. Write the marking criteria/guidelines for LAG and Worker to follow
  3. Update LAG job description and criteria


This opportunity would particularly suit LAND Centre owners/managers and members of the Education Working Group and Diploma Working Group, as all of your prior experience will be valuable. The current proposal is taking inspiration from the Certifying Teachers' Register, which Permaculture Educators will be aware of, as well as the work on permaculture accessibility already under way in the Children in Permaculture project.


A bit o' history

Currently, and since the beginning, it has been an essential criteria that projects applying for LAND Centre status must have at least one staff or long-term volunteer with a PDC. For various reasons, which we are happy to discuss, PSWG is in agreement that this is outdated and needs modernising. Permaculture is learnt in a great many ways, and for some a short course would not help their learning process. Furthermore, some people simply cannot access a PDC course whether that is for geographical reasons, time commitment reasons, cost reasons or whatever else, and for committed groups or individuals a barrier to accessing PDCs might not actually represent a barrier to learning about permaculture. We have also found that a great many people interested in permaculture methods and philosophies consider themselves overqualified to attend a short course, and would rather integrate it into their work in a more natural way for them. Rather than dismiss such people, we would be much better off including them in our network providing that they really do know their stuff and are well equipped to represent the Permaculture Association as demonstration projects. The 'alternative' stream of applying to the LAND Project will provide a way for a much wider audience to join the network, expanding our reach and our overall influence in society.

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