Join the National Permaculture Convergence Organising Team!

Help us design the Permaculture Convergence 2019

Help us design the Permaculture Convergence 2019

The Permaculture Association will host it's 2019 National Convergence at Hill-End in Oxfordshire, 5 - 8 September 2019.

We're looking to build a stronger, more inclusive project team for this event, to help in the design and delivery of the Convergence.

We're aiming to bring together up to 300 attendees interested in permaculture and will explore it's strategic importance to a future that is bright and thriving. We're looking to design a programme that reflects this with opportunities to work together to address the many issues of the day and explore our mutual solutions.

We are seeking builders and communicators, diggers and dreamers to join in this process. We will form a small working group of up to 8 people to help make this event happen. Each member, if they commit to the full process, will get a ticket to the event and a small honorarium for their time dedicated. We're particularly looking for support as follows:

  • Communicators: Those good with video, social media, photography etc.
  • Tech Support: Those able to help with tech on the day and in advance
  • Programme Design: Those able to help design and deliver an exciting and unique programme of events

Working Group members will be expected to attend a monthly online meeting and offer additional support in specific areas. Time commitments will be flexible and fit around your availability!

Feel motivated to help make the Convergence a brilliant event? Please get in contact with Dan Hurring via [email protected]

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