Join the Education Working Group at the Permaculture Association Britain

The Education Working Group (EWG) is an essential part of quality education in the UK and internationally.

Our curriculum is used worldwide, and our certified teachers register is joined by teachers globally who want to give out our certificates in their country.

The EWG play a crucial role in the quality of our education provisions, they support the certified teacher register application process and constantly update our curriculum, adding new curriculum and challenging assumptions held in education. They also support complaints procedures made against teachers in the network and offer considerable support to the educational aspect of our charity. They consider the impact of online learning, accessibility and equity in education as well ensure all age groups are getting the best possible permaculture education.

The EWG is a voluntary group of educators dedicated to improving education. We meet bi-monthly, but when we are completing tasks we meet much more regularly. You can join task and finish groups to complete a discrete task in education.

Some of our plans :

Make the teachers guide into a E-book
Update the curriculum to consider power and equity
Plan quality education events
Create an informative and useful education report after this challenging year
Creating new curriculum that focuses on practical skills

We are always up for hearing new ideas, and are very welcoming of those new to education.

As the EWG are so crucial to education development we are specifically looking for educators who have less of a voice in permaculture : those who don't identify as male gendered or are LGBT+, educators who are black or marginalised, and those who are disabled, less able, older, younger and neurodivergent.
We want to get a broader view of education, and we need a rich variation of opinions to improve education.

If you are interested please get in touch with Jemma now at [email protected] so she can send you the latest doodle poll for our next meeting in June.

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