Go Sustain event - speakers required

Go Sustain is a brand new community event to inspire people into adopting sustainable concepts. Potential topics I'm looking for a speaker are: Aquaponics / Permaculture and potential opportunities around.

Event: Go Sustain
Date: Saturday 22 September - 2018
Location: London Metropolitan University

The event is a community event and is all about inspiring the world into a sustainable lifestyle.
I'm intending for it to be the TED talks for sustainability.
It is to give as much value as possible without any sales pitch.
Opportunity to distribute leaflets / content for those who get interested in the topics.


    Sustainable living space (Passive houses / Earthships etc)
    Energy conservation
    Food sustainability
    Growing your own organics in the backyard (Aquaponics)
    Inner wellbeing
    Sustainable economy
    Entrepreneurialism and more

There is a big need for raising awareness on the sustainable concepts. The mass adaption is yet to happen. It feels right to be part of early adopters and spearhead the progress towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Event Format:
Full day event - starts from 9am - 7pm
30 - mins each speaker with a few breaks

Contact email: