"Fixed-mindsets", "Multiple-corruptions" even "Class-Delusions"
are "repressing", "blocking", and even "annihilating"
many good advances that are being made and published
by genuine research teams and merited individuals.

Lists of some of these advances and their authors are shown via the
voluntarily-altruistic and not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence e-site
and its two older 'support' websites

Deeply radical, even peacefully revolutionary,
constitutional and practice/practise reforms
are urgently needed
in both 'Lifeplace' and 'Workplace'
throughout our Humankind Civilisation.

This 'opportunity' is
to form a 'pioneering' pro-activation group;
as soon as established
begins to reach out to the worldwide public
firstly with 'short'
Lifeplace Enablement Guidances

One "Guidance 'lesson' or 'module' could be the
"12 +1 Roadblocks to Good Communication & Honest Reasoning "
found in Part One of Robert Bolton's "People Skills".

Another could be the Guidance Notes from such 'life-leaders' as
Annette Fletcher ["Safe Stretching DVD"];
Bersin, Bersin & Reese: "Relaxercise" illustrated book ['Go slowly ..Gently...Rest often...'].
Madsen Pirie: "How to 'Win' Every 'Argument'" book [Fallacies-spotting].

Especially foundationally, perhaps
is "Method III" :
The 5 or 6 Steps of
Thomas Gordon's
"'No-Lose' Method III of
Needs-&-Hows Recognition
and 'Win-Win-Win'
Cooperative Problem Solving"
(see also Part Three of "People Skills" by Robert Bolton;
and the print-outable "Method III" A4 5-Steps Guidance from either
http://lifefresh.net or http://www.one-human-living.com.
If we are to succeed in 'realising'
the new worldwide political mantra
"We're All In This Together"
then this new 'steering-group'
will be very appropriate and worthwhile therein.

With best regards and hopes.
John Miles.

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