Opportunities within the UK

Northwick Park Community Garden

London - Wembley
London Borough of Culture 2020

We are working with the Councillors of Brent to create a food forest in Northwick Park by adding fruit trees to the otherwise barren park. The park contains playing fields maintained by Sport England and we are designing around these playing fields. Post Code is HA3 0AT

Through this work, another project has become available at Vale Farm (Sudbury Town, opposite leisure centre) to turn an overgrown allotment into a food forest. The council would be very happy for somebody to take this on. Post code is: HA0 3HF

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High Heathercombe Centre

We are currently recruiting a new long term Volunteer to live and work at High Heathercombe Centre, Dartmoor.
The role involves supporting all aspects of our work at the Centre, for a period of up to one year, beginning July 2018.
If you are interested to find out more please email Mel at
[email protected]
or call 07791 601737 for more details.

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North Pembrokeshire Smallholding FOR SALE, optional microbrewery


Residential Smallholding in the Preseli Mountains, North Pembrokeshire, within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, with additional option to purchase on-site commercial microbrewery

This holding has been developed along permaculture principles for the past 6 years and is already productive, with scope for further development.

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Introducing permaculture to a whole new audience

We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about permaculture in the UK to come in and spend 1 hour introducing the movement and what it stands for, to our company.

We’re a large media agency, based in central London and every month we offer our staff a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session, where people from outside of our industry come in and inspire us with new ideas, inventions and challenges.

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Opportunity to help develop a Permaculture Natural Sanctuary in mid Argyll

Two people needed to come and help develop Comraich Natural Sanctuary in mid-Argyll. Accommodation offered in return for some regular part-time contribution. Practical skills are needed for example in DIY , building, carpentry, eco design, organic/biodynamic gardening. Ideally you would be open to staying long term, or at least a couple of years, after a successful trial period to discover if it works for all of us.

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Photographer / Videographer & Primary Teacher MEd Offering services for permaculture experience/food/caravan park on our family UK tour.

We are a young family visiting the UK from NZ to reconnect with our family as we emigrated 10 years ago. Dad (Phil) will be taking a PDC design course on arrival in May. From June we hope to tour permaculture sites with our two children (5 & 2), learning and making new friends. We can offer photography/videography either commercial, wedding or a family portrait and/or education advice at primary level (Lorna AKA Mum), or even just labour.

We ask for a place to park our caravan whilst we are with you and some of the spoils of your garden!

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Intern / Volunteer on Aquaponics Smallholding

Spend a summer learning lots of new practical smallholding skills in rural Cheshire.
The opportunity:-
Starting in March 2018 Urbanag CIC are setting up from scratch a training centre and small commercial scale Aquaponics system based on a rural smallholding near Frodsham in Cheshire.
We are looking for one or more people to:
1. Help with setting up a large polytunnel and hydroponic grow-beds (learn about - blockwork, woodwork, construction)
2. Build a commercial scale Aquaponics system (learn about - plumbing, electrics, water testing)

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