London Permaculture Festival

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The 1st London Permaculture Festival turned out to be a great success- with people from all over London filling the house and gardens to capacity. It showed us the level of interest we could muster even in London’s quiet mid-August, and highlights the fact that now more than ever is the right time to publicise the growing achievements of the Permaculture & Transition community in London.
One of the most memorable things said to me at the festival was from Andy Goldring- CEO of the Permaculture Association. Apparently last time London had a Permaculture gathering (about 10 years ago) there was around 80 attendents. This time round our crew and workshop holders numbered 120- so overall we had over 850 people willing to spend their summer Sunday inquiring and connecting with Permaculture in all its shapes & guises.
We couldn’t have really taken any more, as the main hall was crammed with groups and projects showing off what they are up to, while the workshop spaces were often packed to their limits and people over-flowed out into the gardens.
We worked with the idea that we would offer a space for whoever wanted to do a talk, workshop or stall which fits in with our vision of Permaculture. The only things that we sought out were local organic food, music and a programme for children. Everything else came in as offers from all corners of London over the few months preceding. The event was really a chance for our community to offer it’s knowledge to each other, the heat from the analysis of what was missing will I’m sure, keep us warm all winter.
As it was our first event it was a steep learning curve for the newly created co-ordination team, we had no idea of how many people would turn up, so we were very happy that it went mostly to plan. However, there was one thing- we unfortunately committed the cardinal sin of any festival- that had people screaming blue murder- we ran out of cake! We’ll make sure we have a whole team dedicated to that next year.

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Thursday, 12 August, 2010
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