LAND Project Launch Event

Summary information

The event took place on a glorious day attended by an eclectic mix of 34 permaculture practitioners, members who were just starting out and members who had been running projects for years. The day afforded many networking opportunities, names were put to faces connections forged and friends met.

Workshops and activities were held throughout the day including an introduction to the LAND project, workshops to identify project wants, needs, long term goals and many more. The official launch of the project was a symbolic affair with no ribbon or pair of scissors in sight! Instead we chose to officially launch the project in true permaculture style by using gardening twine to symbolise the connections in the network and the guests to symbolise the projects in England. The result was a spider's web of projects, people and the connections between them, a great finish to a great day.

How many people attended? 34

Dates and Times
Friday, 11 September, 2009 to Saturday, 12 September, 2009
Venue information
Ecoworks LAND learning centre Nottingham

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