Sunseed 25th Anniversary Celebration

Summary information

Sunseed is an English and Spanish charity that aims to develop, demonstrate and communicate accessible, low-tech methods of living sustainably in a semi-arid environment.
The project isbased in South Spain and this year is celebrating its 25 years.

for thatreason we´re going to hold 2weeks of special events, to celebrate all the work done in the past, all the possibilities of the future, the present energy and interest of all the persons involved in Sunseed and also all the persons and groups that are working around the Planet caring for the environment and all living beings.

For that we’ll have a Celebration in October 2011.
We’ll like to invite everybody interested in join us and share with us two weeks of Seminars, talks, presentations, workshops, work, tree planting..etc linking Sunseed work with the global issues.

Feel welcome and contact us!!!

Booking and further information
Los Molinosdel Rio de Aguas
Contact name: 
Patricia Canas
Contact Details: 
100€ per week
Dates and Times
Monday, 17 October, 2011 to Sunday, 30 October, 2011
Venue information
During these days you will be living inside Sunseed a low impact community in Southern Spain.

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