Seville to Murcia eco cycle adventure

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What better way to welcome in the summer than with an adventure.

Our journey will take us from the orange trees and sun-kissed courtyards of Seville, through the rolling planes of Andalucia, to Alicante and the famed cathedral city of Murcia, the traditional home of paella.

Along the way we'll be staying at some of the most inspiring permaculture projects, co-work spaces and eco communities that southern Spain is developing. We’ll ascend to the hill-topped town of Ronda, once a Moorish fortress, explore the narrow streets and expansive plazas of Granada, and cycle past the solemn snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada. It promises to be some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring cycling Spain has to offer. ​

The route is challenging and engaging, putting fire in your belly (and thighs) and calling for a high level of grit and determination. However, we have also designed it to be accessible: you don't need to be a pro cyclist by any means, and if you want to do the ride, then we will get you there. Each day you'll get stronger, each mile quicker, each mountain more proud. ​

As we live together, eat together, cycle together, laugh together and very likely cry together, we will develop our own incredibly supportive community, giving a first-hand glimpse into an alternative, community-based way of living. Everyone is unique and will find different experiences throughout the tour that challenge and expand their boundaries, both physically and mentally. ​ Take it on, and your mind will expand, your muscles will grow and your life will change.



Delicious organic wholefood vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner every day designed to be nutritiously optimal. It's slow energy releasing to keep us fuelled and power us from Seville to Murcia.

Here is an example of what the food might look like on a given day:

- Breakfast: porridge with various toppings of your choosing including honey, jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter, chai seeds, mixed seeds, chopped fruit (fresh and dried). Bread, rice cakes, muesli, teas, coffee.

- Lunch: Sandwiches, boiled egg, quinoa and mixed bean salad. Any leftovers from dinner you want.
- Dinner: Aubergine and basil pasta with fresh tomato salad. Followed by a glass of local rioja, cider or an organic hot chocolate

- Cycling snacks including nuts, dried and fresh fruit, vegan non GM protein sports bars from Pulsin and natural energy gels.


Staying at and visiting some of Andalusia's most inspiring eco communities, permaculture projects and organic farms.

We'll also be staying in a mixture of Airbnb's, hostels and campsites with warm showers and comfy beds.


A support vehicle to carry everything we need and provide rescues if need be. Its complete with field kitchen, charging points, awning, mini bike workshop and loads more.

Core crew trained in bike mechanics and first aid


850km of carefully chosen route through stunning countryside, linking up incredible projects, with as light gradient and as quiet roads as possible, to make the trip accessible to all abilities

Garmins: no more struggling to read maps - they're like a sat nav for bikes!


Airport/train station pickup/drop off in the support vehicle at the start and end of the trip ​


We see cycling really far as an incredibly empowering experience. Being on a Brake the Cycle tour can be a whirlwind of emotions, ideas and breakthroughs. The aim of the coaching is to help you make the most of your adventure and keep up the momentum you build, taking the lessons from the road into the rest of your life and really being a catalyst for positive change. You'll receive a number of tools before the trip, during and after including:
- The 5 Minute Journal - the gratitude journal for people who don't do journals.

- The Brake the Cycle workbook - our bespoke workbook for the trip

- 2x 1-2-1 Skype sessions before and after the tour with professional life coach Chris Hardy

- Access to our growing community network of courses, events and parties

- Discounts and deals for alumni on other Brake the Cycle tours


An epic adventure and great new friends. Everyone who has been on our challenges so far has been awesome, they're pretty self selecting like that. Being hurtled into an intense two week physical experience together is the perfect foundation for life long friends.


​2 weeks of downhills: This is going to be a tough 2 weeks. It will be warm as we travel through 'La Sarten', the 'frying pan' of Spain, to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's going to be amazing but challenging, expect long saddle time each day. The fitter you are, the easier it will be. You have time, be ready

A chef: We share the cooking responsibilities between us all, separating into cooking and washing up teams each day. This has proved a really great part of our trips, building community and sharing skills. We've created a recipe book for the tours with the aid of chefs and nutritionists to ensure its both delicious and nutritious, with all the correct quantities to cook plenty for even the hungriest cyclist

Treats: lets not kid ourselves, we'll all be cracking into the cheap wine around the campfire of an evening or heading out for the occasional local paella - you'll need to fork out for this yourselves. You'll be astonished by how much you can eat whilst cycling. Whilst we provide 3 meals a day you'll need some extra budget for coffees and pain au chocolat's that necessitate second breakfast.

Insurance: you have responsibility for yourself, your bike and your stuff. Click here to find out our recommendations on what insurance to get to make sure you're fully covered

Flights: getting you and your bike to/from Spain

Saddle up at:

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Joe Reid
Dates and Times
Sunday, 28 May, 2017 to Friday, 9 June, 2017

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