Permaculture Diploma Support Day

Summary information

Apprentices working towards their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design are welcome for a whole day of design support, including one-to-one tutorials, peer design shares, workshops and more.

What is taking place?
• There will be an induction to the Diploma for new apprentices, focusing on understanding the diploma system and making a start on your action learning pathway design.
• There will be a workshop on Transformative Action Learning, based on the Gaia University model, led by Nicole Vosper, one of the first UK Graduates of their University’s action-learning degree level programs. The workshop will focus on strategies to accelerate learning based on action learning principles and some of the practices embedded in the Gaia Uni approaches.
• Tutors from around the South West will be available for personal and design support tutorials.
• There will be space for peer support and group design share sessions, for apprentices to give feedback on each other’s work. As well as for action learning guilds.
• Aranya will be leading a workshop on the Design Process to re-cap some of the frameworks and processes used in permaculture design.
• There will be a workshop on documentation and how to design a system for yourself to capture your own work and learning more efficiently in a way that can disseminate your learning.
• Tutors and apprentices are also welcome to offer workshops to share.

Booking and further information
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Nicole Vosper
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Dates and Times
Sunday, 26 May, 2013
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