IngieGoGo Campaign, sponsor places on a PDC

Summary information

Help me raise the funds to sponsor TEN students to attend a Permaculture Design Course (72 hour PDC)

My aim is to:
•Support TEN PEOPLE to attend a Permaculture Design Course and also facilitate at least TWO more to have highly subsidised places.
•Inspire sponsored students by learn about systems and design methods to care for the earth; this has far reaching benefits for communities around the globe and future generations.
•Encourage a built in ‘Pay it forward’ policy. The students will be required to share the knowledge gained; with their local communities, transition movements or community gardening projects, while also sharing their knowledge with other participants on the course
•Create opportunities for a cultural exchange and a deeper shared experience
•Open channels of communication and forge new relationships between neighbouring countries whilst teaching new skills and supporting others to do the same

What YOU can do to help

Visit the campaign: AND
• Make a donation if you can (every $1 helps to keep me on the front page of IndieGoGo). Click the like button and share the page via facebook, twitter or other social networks (with a personal message to your contacts). Write about it on your blogs.Pass this on. Talk about it. Send me emails/messages of support and encouragement. Tell your community groups about it. Pass it on to anyone you know who has an interest in Permaculture or Transition groups. Vouch for me. Keep the momentum going. Post it to your social networking sites. Get involved in the excitement. Pay it Forward....

Life is two days: one for sleeping, the other for awakening ~ Agostinho Da Silva

Booking and further information
Whatever you can pay
Dates and Times
Tuesday, 25 September, 2012 to Friday, 9 November, 2012
Venue information
260 acre site. Bunk house/woods/meeting room

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