Focus on Soil and Forage Management - Learnings from North America

Summary information

Join EBLEX and Earth Analytics Group for this informative workshop on improving soil and forage management. One of Canada’s leading mob grazier, Neil Dennis, will be discussing methods used to improve soil health, forage quality, quantity, and animal performance. Gregg Simonds, an American ranch manager, will discuss how he is growing more grass while improving soil health, water and biodiversity.

They will also be discussing how they plan their grazing strategies to ensure that soils develop good levels of organic matter, which helps with drought resilience and improving soil structure.

see other dates for format -sorry i haven't the programme for the day

Booking and further information
0870 609 1840 / 01904 771211
Contact name: 
Hellen/Vickie or sandra @ EBLEX
Dates and Times
Wednesday, 14 March, 2012
Venue information
Lezant Village Hall, Launceston, Cornwall

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