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Abbotts Living Wood Centre

With over 25 years experience in running courses in green wood chair-making, Mike Abbott will guide you through the process of making a chair from a tree in a beautiful woodland setting. Having written three books on the subject (Green Woodwork, in 1989, Living Wood, in 2002 and, Going with the Grain, in 2011), Mike is acknowledged by many as the leader in the field of green wood chair making in the UK.

Aberystwyth University

Academic courses on food security

Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth is a workers cooperative with 4 members who manage a 15 acre smallholding near Durham City. We run a vegetable box scheme, grow veg, salad and fruit, manage hens and sheep. We also carry out various craft, design, education and community activities in the area including managing the North East Permaculture Network.

County Durham United Kingdom
Agroforestry Research Trust

The Agroforestry Research Trust is a non-profit making charity, registered in England, which researches into temperate agroforestry and into all aspects of plant cropping and uses, with a focus on tree, shrub and perennial crops.

Aquaponics UK
Association for Temperate Agroforestry


The mission of AFTA is to promote the wider adoption of agroforestry by landowners in temperate regions of North America. Formed in 1991, the Association for Temperate Agroforestry Inc. (AFTA) is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry at Columbia. 

With members in the US, Canada and overseas, AFTA pursues its mission through activities such as networking, information exchange, public education, and policy development. Our intended audience includes university researchers, educators and extensionists, private farm and forestry groups, public policy makers, and private landowners. AFTA has received financial support through dues and contributions from its members and the public, sponsorships from public agencies and private corporations,  contracts with USDA, and foundation grants, notably the Allen and Josephine Green Foundation.

AFTA is primarily a voluntary organization. Many individuals from universities, public agencies, private organizations and businesses donate their time and agroforestry-related expertise to help AFTA conduct its educational programs. The affairs of AFTA are overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors elected by its members.



AFTA's educational programs are aimed at facilitating the exchange of scientific and practical information about  temperate agroforestry, primarily in North America. Our major programs include:

North American Agroforestry Conference: Since 1989, we have co-sponsored the biennial North American Agroforestry Conference series - a major scientific forum for those involved in agroforestry research, extension and application in the US, Canada and overseas.  

Newsletters: Our quarterly newsletter, The Temperate Agroforester, contains reports o­n research and demonstration trials, landowner success stories, conference reports, book reviews, links to information sources in print and o­nline, and a calendar of agroforestry-related events. The email newsletter Agroforestry Newsline alerts subscribers to news that's relevant to agroforestry.

Website: Our aim is to make the AFTA website serve as a comprehensive source of news and information about agroforestry, including info o­n agroforestry practices, searchable databases of agroforestry education and research, and links to other information sources.

Technical and Policy Publications: Our reports o­n agroforestry development and policy are available for o­nline viewing.

Auroville Earth Institute, Research Centre India

For 25 years, the Auroville Earth Institute has educated and empowered people to build their own dwellings using earthen techniques. This website provides information, images, and videos about the many earthen construction techniques, particularly Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB). You can also follow our activities and sign up for training courses.

Beshara School at the Chisholme Institute

The Beshara School is a school for self knowledge.
The education it offers is based on the principle of the unity of existence.
The school is for all who sincerely question the meaning of their own lives, and their relationship with each other and the world. Its courses intend to open a positive discourse to all who are interested in working for a sustainable future.
They are open to anyone, regardless of background, age, culture or physical ability. The school has a full time residential centre in the Scottish Borders at Chisholme House.

United Kingdom

75 acre conservation and permaculture project in Mid Wales. Beaver reintroduction trial. Forest gardening. food production, aquaculture, bees, eco tourism and reforestation with native broadleaf and edibles. We host community open days and WWOOF volunteers

Ceredigion United Kingdom