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Title City County About
Ray Sanders Worcester Worcestershire
Rakesh Rootsman Rak - Main Profile London

Rakesh (Rootsman Rak)

Ragmans Lane Farm
racheledge - Main Profile Oxford

Hi everyone, I teach Permaculture and create urban food production designs for schools, residents, businesses, housing developments, local authority and consult with landscape architects, planners

Rachel Phillips - Main Profile Dartington

I am the Education and Wellbeing Manager for The Apricot Centre at Huxhams Cross Farm.

Rachel Bodle - Main Profile

Completed Permaculture Design Course in 2010 whilst living in west Norfolk, and then later enrolled in the Diploma programme which I used to support me as I designed a series of life-changes.

Pumpkin - Main Profile
Priya Logan - Main Profile St Andrews

I am a permaculture practitioner, gardener, sometime artist and a mother of three ever-growing children. We all live by the stringent wild North Sea in Fife, Scotland.

posthumus - Main Profile

Hi I'm Dennis. I'm a writer, educator, gardener, maker, and producer.

pippabuchanan - Main Profile Cowaramup

I’m Pippa Buchanan, an Australian resiliency and sustainability practitioner currently living on Noongar Boodjar in the South West of Australia.

Pippa Johns - Main Profile East Sussex
[email protected] - Main Profile Bath

A gardening business owner that discovered permaculture in 2005. Djambung gardens and Robyn Francis inspired my now lifetime passion, and now I plan to embark on the diploma.

Phil Pritchard - Main Profile Oxford Oxfordshire

Oxford based permaculture activist and educator. Currently working at Oxford City Farm helping transform a derelict urban site into a permaculture oasis in the city.



Peter Wright aka Pedro de gardener

got into Permaculture back in 1978/79 worked at inter action arts trust after encountering it in Australia while spending time with the aboriginal people.

Peter Stopp
Peter Moore Haddington East Lothian
Peter M - Main Profile Cranbrook
Peter Cow - Main Profile Dartmoor Devon

My present passion is Permaculture education - I teach and convene Permaculture Design Courses, Introductory Weekends and a variety of specialist and advanced offerings, including 'People and Perma

Permaculture island - Main Profile Niton Isle of Wight

Permaculture Island is a family run homestead situated on a two acre property that fronts Niton Undercliff, over looking Reeth Bay at the southern tip of the Isle of wight.

Permacultura Mediterránea (PermaMed) Marratxi

Permacultura Mediterránea (PermaMed)

Pedro Valdjiu - Main Profile

Terra Alta Permaculture

Peach - Main Profile Tivenys Tarragona


Pauline Cory - Main Profile Worthing West Sussex

I am a retired professional homeopath and shamanic healer, wife, mum and grandmother. I did my Permaculture Design Course in spring 2010.

Paul Magnall - Main Profile Leeds
Paul Lucas Norwich Norfolk

Green architect based in Norfolk who completed Permaculture Design Course in 2011 and following this has been inspired to enroll on diploma.

Paul Baker - Main Profile Devizes Wiltshire
Patricia Ferguson London

I am a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP); a governing body for qualified medical herbalists.

pamsher - Main Profile Gold Hill/Boulder Colorado

I teach permaculture to grades 3=5 (ages 8-11 mixed) in a small, rural mountain school in the U.S.

olga - Main Profile Harrogate North Yorkshire

I've been interested in holistic way repairing soils and human health, we are all connected.

Oak Johnson Cornwall

I have lived at Keveral Farm in Cornwall since 1990.

Nyrees Titchener - Main Profile Birmingham

The Blackberry is the symbol of our permaculture group, i know it can be a pain for gardeners but its resilience is to be admired. I have seen plants covered in rust and recover.

Norah Barnes, Earth Connections Eco Centre Isle of Eigg Highlands

Earth Connections is a residential EcoCentre providing courses on green living and reconnecting with nature.
Set up by Norah Barnes and Bob ~Wallace on the Isle of EIgg.

Nir Halfon SUS


Nim Robins - Main Profile Nevern Pembrokeshire
Nigel White - Main Profile

All about my efforts

NicolaBell - Main Profile

Hello, I'm the Membership and Web Coordinator for the Permaculture Association. Lets do some world saving!

NickTurner - Main Profile Stroud
Nenya Milne Edinburgh

Nenya Milne has started her permaculture journey in 2009 and did her PDC in 2012 with Patrick Whitefield at Ragmans Lane Farm.

Natasha Laverick - Main Profile Exmouth Devon

I have recently completed my PDC and fueled with inspiration am thinking about starting my diploma.

Natasha Giddings

Main contact and co-ordinator for RegenAg UK (; supporting and promoting regenerative agriculture in the UK.

Naomi van der Velden - Main Profile Derbyshire

I am a plant ecologist with an interest in spatial and temporal patterns of plant community development.

Muzammal Hussain Brighton (also London) East Sussex

I attended an intro to permaculture course in 2008, completed my PDC in 2009 as part of Earth Activist Training (EAT), and am now working towards a Diploma in Applied Permaculture.

Mokuton - Main Profile Glasgow Lanarkshire

Permaculture Design Certification (Feb 2021 – Feb 2022)
Geoff Lawton PDC 2.0 Online

Mokosh - Main Profile London
Mohammed - Main Profile kuwait

my name Mohammed and im from Kuwait. I have been practicing regenerative agriculture and husbandry in the desert for 15 years and now on the journey of becoming a PC facilitator.

mljones - Main Profile SHEFFIELD
Mike Pope - Main Profile Prestwich Lancashire

Completed a PDC in Lancaster and involved in 2 community food growing groups including project managing a forest garden (under incredible edible), started from scratch in 2012 which is now a LAND c

Mike Burnett - Main Profile Nuneaton
Mike - Main Profile