Treesponsibility - Climate change of a different kind

Design summary: 

This was about as Rock'n'Roll as tree planting can get! The strapline "climate change of a different kind" hints at the idea that Trees' are trying to create a new culture of appreciating trees and woodland in an area that in recent history was among the most deforested in Britain with as low as 1% in 1900. The threat of climate change with its local effect of increased flash flooding was seen as the starting point for a three-pronged strategy:
education about the causes of climate change; reforestation to address both causes and effects; direct action and campaign work targeting climate criminals.
Treesponsibility still exists and manages to plant over 10,000 trees most winters. If you haven't experienced one of their plantings yet, go and join one as soon as you can!

About the design: 

Site decisions - This is a basic flowchart showing how we went about deciding which places to plant and which ones to leave alone.

Community interaction - Trees' are an active player in the Calder Valley's culture. This has been recognised by several grants and awards over the years. This graphic shows some of the interactions with other actors in the area.

Income sources - Diversity is key for a sustainable income strategy. Trees' have a pretty good approach to it, picking their eggs from up to 5 baskets.

Working structure and outreach - this descriptive graphic uses the "spheres of agency" model, a version of social "zoning". I first came across this model during the CRASH course in London in 2009, and have found it useful in many situations where interaction with the public is relevant.

Date of design: 
Tomas Remiarz