Strawbale house design

The strawbale house was designed with recycling of black water, cold store, mass oven with smoke washer and thatched roof. A workshop of 8 days with a famous eco-builder was the highlight of the implementation phase.

Design Brief
The strawbale house is part of the establishment of the Project “Permahaven” in “Birkegårdens Haver”, a project inspired by permaculture principles and ethics. The house and garden demonstrate sustainability in practice and include various cropping systems that focus on sustainability, biological cycles, biodiversity and conservation.

The strawbale house should appeal to visitors in Birkegårdens Haver and contribute an example and strengthen innovation of ecological building. The project allows Birkegårdens Haver to go in a more environmentally friendly direction towards the integration of recycling systems with positive impact on the rest of Birkegårdens Haver’s organization, activities and public relations.

Project purpose
The project will provide youth and adults practical experience with low-tech, affordable opportunities to make positive environmental changes in own community, through building an environmentally friendly and CO2-saving strawbale house to demonstrate the principles of sustainability.

Other Designers (members of PA):