Brief: To Design Permaculture Scotland as a Working Group of the Permaculture Association
Design framework: SADIMET
Method: vision statement; survey and consultation; incremental design (building on PAB); visioning (learning from Rob Hopkins’ transition method of visioning and back-casting);
Tools: functions and element analysis; timeline
Strengths of Design:
Dissemination – our worked helped the Wales group get going
Dissemination – it’s all about supporting and disseminating permaculture in Scotland
A detailed, useful design being launched in 2011 and heralding a new beginning for permaculture in Scotland.
Cooperation and collaboration (working with a geographically dispersed team to create this design over 10 months).

Principles Used in Design:
1. Observe and interact
2. Catch and store energy
3. Obtain a Yield
4. Apply Self regulation and Accept Feedback
5. Produce no Waste
6. Integrate rather than Segregate
7. Use Small and Slow Solutions
8. Use and Value Diversity
9. Use edge and Value the marginal
10. A single element carries out many functions
11. A single function is served by many elements

Ethics in Design: Earth care, People Care, Fair share
Initial design completed: December 2010


Lusi Alderslowe

Other designers (not members of PA)
Pete Campbell; Alan Carter; Emma Chapman; Nenya Milne
Date of design