Nurture In Nature

Summary Sheet
Design: Nurture in Nature
Brief: Design a playgroup for children in Glasgow which encompasses ecopsychology and permaculture principles of spending time in nature
Strengths of Design:
This is a pioneering, cutting edge design with original research
Dissemination: CHE newsletter; the Green Parenting Magazine; and the Sunday Herald magazine; presentation at Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) conference; Radio Scotland; and the CBeebies (children’s BBC) have visited and interviewed us about it.
Several people have contacted me for clearer instruction on how to set up such a group in their area, and at least one has been successful (in Edinburgh).
A Community Design
It has been going for 4.5 years and is still going
It sparks people’s imaginations, with 48 people currently on the email list.

Design framework: O’BREDIMET

Design method: “inputs and outputs analysis”; needs analysis; risk analysis; identify yields; identify functions and elements; connect elements up to supply those needs; Limiting factors and opportunities analysis

Principles Used in Design:
1. Observe and interact
2. Use Small and Slow Solutions
3. Minimum input maximum output
4. Stacking
5. Maximise edge
6. Guilds
7. Cycle nutrients and information
8. Resilience
9. A single element carries out many functions
10. A single function is served by many elements
11. The Yield is Unlimited/Obtain a Yield

Ethics in Design: Earth care, People Care, Fair share
Initial design completed: Summer 2006 - ongoing
Implemented?: Yes – 2 times per week for 4 years. The design has been tweaked 3 times, each time getting better and easier.

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Aided by Lorna Robb, Charlie Hepburn, Kat Edwards and more