Miniature green house on bicycle

A tiny plant pot is secured above the bottom bracket on a standard men's bike. A tayberry cutting is planted in it, secured with coated wires and two large polythene sheets wrapped around to protect it from the wind.

A bit if a silly idea, but an eye-catching experiment and talking-point. The pot is an upturned milk carton, with small drainiage holes pierced in the green lid at the bottom. Small stones and gravel is in the bottom inch to aid drainage to the cap. Potting compost and soil fills the pot. The former base of the milk carton is folded inwards ontop of the soil to keep the soil from jumping up when cycling over rough ground Cutting seems to have taken and is growing well. The walls of the greenhouse are made from stiff polythene sheets with the top and bottom ends open to allow some rain and air to circulate. The long white tape is theatrical gaffer-tape, that acts as a hinge when I need to open it. The tayberry is a hardy self-fertile cross between a raspberry and a blackberry - juicy and sweet!

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