Herb Spiral

Brief: Initially it was just “use the huge pile of subsoil filled with dock and dandelion”, this became “Design and implement a herb spiral”.
Strengths of Design:
A simple design with a clear start and end point, within a larger design framework.
Land based design.
Good photo report and clearly written up within a couple of months of completion
Lots of local children involved (community engagement), particularly in the implementation phase, and they really love it!
It looks nice and the clients are happy.
Great example of “The Problem is the Solution.”

Design framework: O’BREDIMET
Design method: direct observation of site; incremental improvement/adaptation of existing design; visioning the herb spiral and seeking input on design from many voices on a PDC
Design Tools: paper, pens and blue tac for modelling workshop; used other tools outlined more in Castlemilk Stables design (no 8) including PASTE, analysis of yields; risk assessment; and functions and elements analysis.

Ethics in Design: Earth care, People Care, Fair share
Principles Used in Design:
1. The Problem is the Solution
2. Use and Value Diversity
3. Stacking
4. Design from Patterns to Details:
5. Use Edges and Value the Marginal
6. Work with Nature
7. Minimum Effort for Maximum Effect
8. Produce no Waste
9. Obtain a Yield
10. Catch and Store Energy
11. Creatively use and Respond to Change

Initial design completed: Summer 2010

PDF icon herb_spiral_diploma.pdf3.86 MB
Other Designers (members of PA): 
Other Designers (not members of PA): 

With help from Roz Corbett and others