Bodhi-SCI Ecovillage

Brief: Design a business plan for the Widows’ Land Ecovillage Proposal
Strengths of Design:
☼ This is a complicated design which is difficult to put together, but I have managed to summarise and collate information from 5 years’ work simply.
☼ It’s a real world design!
☼ Plenty of work with numbers, including costings, graphs, projections etc.
☼ Dissemination – it’s all about education on a big scale
Design framework: SADIMET
Principles Used in Design:
1. Observe and interact
2. Catch and store energy
3. Obtain a Yield
4. Apply Self regulation and Accept Feedback
5. Use and Value Renewable Resources and services
6. Produce no Waste
7. Integrate rather than Segregate
8. Use Small and Slow Solutions
9. Use and Value Diversity
10. Use edge and Value the marginal
11. Creatively Use and Respond to Change
12. A single element carries out many functions
13. A single function is served by many elements
Ethics in Design: Earth care, People Care Fair Share

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