Bike-shed with living roof

A bike shed made from reclaimed wood, with an angled living roof for growing strawberries, flowers, etc.

This large bike shed can house 4 bikes (or just two with a pile of toys and junk) keeping the rain off them. The structure is made from an old wooden bed frame, an abandoned farm gate, and a bit of old plywood. It was coated with a water-based shed paint. The surfaces inside and under the pond-liner offcut were given two coats of linseed oil.
A sheet of garden fancing (plastic-coated metal) with 2-inch square holes is tied to the top edge, suspended in the soil to stop the soil from sliding down. Plant roots have hopefully grown down through this fencing the solidify the soil.
The angle is a bit steep (next one will be shallower) and is tilted southwards to get the most of the english sun.
The white pipe you can see is a drainage pipe taking excess water off to a watering can. My neighbours are quite pleased with this design. When I first built it they were concerned that it was too big, but now they wish it was bigger as their kid's bikes keep getting bigger too!
I was amused to see my neighbour 'mowing' the 'lawn' of this bike shed with a pair of scissors. In the first season strawberries were grown here, under a small frame of netting to keep the birds away. Delicious - strawberries at smile-height!

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