Permaculture is an ecological design process - we are learning from nature. Design methods are used in conjunction with permaculture principles to create an overall pattern or plan of action.

A good design helps us to make best use of the available resources and create a more productive system, that meets more of our needs and creates less pollution.

In this section we give information and examples of how design is being used - what methods are available, and what people have done with design - case studies and examples. If you have designs that you want to share, you can upload them here and tell us about your experience.

Often we will refer to a 'client', which suggests that this section is just for 'professional designers'. That is not the intention. You can use the methods and processes listed here for your own project - small or large - and you can act as your own client. People have used the client interview for example for their own family house and garden and found it useful, and even surprising!