Healthy Living in an Unhealthy World

What is health anyway?

A note from Africa

My wife, who is a Registered Dietitian, and I, a Community Educator, have been living and working with agriculture here in Malawi, Africa for eight years now.

What can permaculture say to god?

Jessie Marcham

I wrote this essay as part of a module on 'Spiritual Activism' in my Masters degree with the Centre for Human Ecology (Edinburgh).

Agriculture & Climate Change

In this article, I equate agriculture with food production.

Energy and Permaculture

Published by The Permaculture Activist, May 1, 1994

Food security and the decline of the oil-based food system

Support for community-based food production in Hereford

Part of the abstract:

Are Humans a Natural Disturbance?

I think contemporary human intervention in our landscapes is unnatural compared to the effects of other native and wild species.

Is it OK for permaculturists to attend conferences by air travel?

There is these years ongoing a rather hefty debate concerning permaculturists air travelling.