A note from Africa

My wife, who is a Registered Dietitian, and I, a Community Educator, have been living and working with agriculture here in Malawi, Africa for eight years now. We have some serious concerns about the effects that genetic engineering will have on countries like this. Detrimental effects often spring up quickly in places like Malawi that are not felt in industrialized countries until years later. It seems that the world may be missing the forest through the trees when it comes to genetic modification of plants and animals.

Are Humans a Natural Disturbance?


I think contemporary human intervention in our landscapes is unnatural compared to the effects of other native and wild species.

Some will argue instead that our intervention over history has enhanced the value of landscapes and, anyway, there are too many of us now for it to be any other way in the UK – this is the natural effect of modern-day humans, the “proper place of human activity in ecology” (1).

Can this really be true?

Is it OK for permaculturists to attend conferences by air travel?

There is these years ongoing a rather hefty debate concerning permaculturists air travelling.

During the 10 years I have been engaged with permaculture, I have heard a wide variety of opinions and reasonings concerning the matter. From – “Let’s use the opportunity now while we can; let’s travel and meet and network in the short time it’s still possible”. To the opposite view that air travel should be strictly forbidden – particularly for permaculturists who wish to walk their talk.