Design it yourself!


Permaculture is a way of designing the world around us to be healthier. It's based on looking at how nature works, and using those lessons when we do things like build houses, make gardens, farms, and community spaces. It's easy to pick up the basics, and there's always something new to learn. A lot of it is just plain old common sense.

Some 'permaculture principles':

21st birthday celebrations and NetTogether 2004

Article for Smallholder

The Permaculture Association's 21st birthday celebrations culminated this September at a double bill learning, networking and partying event in Oxfordshire. The five day NetTogether was designed to celebrate the coming-of-age of permaculture in Britain, by reaching out to the wider environmental and social movements, whilst celebrating achievements and planning for the future.

A Permaculture Parish


The election of four BNP councillors in Bradford last week will send the political mainstream within and without that District into a flat spin, even though it will not have changed a thing. The council remains hung, with no party having overall control, and so the poor electors of Bradford will face another year of party political infighting, and with little real coherence as to what local democracy means to people. Whichever way you cut it, a vote for the BNP is a vote to kick the mainstream parties up the backside. It's a vote of discontent - and it's a wasted vote.

Hosting an Environmental Gathering?

-Doing it right by applying permaculture principles!

Observe and Interact:

Have you also attended a number of conferences, courses, meeting and other events where the topic is connected with environment, sustainability ecovillages, permaculture etc? And have you left the event with a feeling that somehow your presence was more part of depleting the natural resources than restoring them, at least during the days of the event?


In one of the last issues of Permaculture Magazine I noticed a small add claiming a camp to be "The only eco-camp in Europe". Not being one to let it pass by without notice, I'll invite you to a tour of the PermaLot camp in Czech Republic on the following few pages:

Homegrown Allotment Project

In recent decades there has been much concern over the nutritional quality and levels of chemical toxins present in the foods generally made available to us through supermarkets and grocery stores. It is only a select few that find that they are able or prepared to fork out the premium required for foods labelled as ‘organic’. To those on a tight budget, including many young people, access to a healthy diet is often severely limited due to expense and lack of access to information and knowledge.