What is Permaculture?

Several books have been written about what permaculture is and how to do it.

Eating the View - Permaculture Style

Over the past few years permaculture design has been quietly having an impact on landscapes all over the world.

Design it yourself!

Andy Goldring

Permaculture is a way of designing the world around us to be healthier.

A Permaculture Parish

The election of four BNP councillors in Bradford last week will send the political mainstream within and without that District into a flat spin, even though it will not have changed a thing.

Permaculture meets Natural Building in Hungary

During one week in August around 40 people from 15 different countries convened in a little old village outside Budapest. They were all part of creating the…:

Hosting an Environmental Gathering?

-Doing it right by applying permaculture principles!

Observe and Interact:


In one of the last issues of Permaculture Magazine I noticed a small add claiming a camp to be "The only eco-camp in Europe".