Biodiversity Conservation and Food Security in the Kalarhari in Botswana

The development of conservative strategies for the preservation of dryland species, and for the responsible use and management of arid lands is probably the world's most pressing problem in lan

Taking the Piss

Taking the Piss and Talking Shit

Harvesting Energy - A Local Economy for Locals

1. Foreword
2. Real Jobs
3. The Uses of Plants
4. Energy Stall

People Care

Whether we look at people first, or animals, or plants, we know by the way we treat one how we behave towards the other.


Why planning needs top down thinking and bottom up action.

The Government has announced a review of PPG7 - the planning policy guidance that deals with the countryside.

Three good reasons

Permaculture is an ecological design system, aimed at everything concerning our daily lives. It uses natural systems as guidelines, wherever possible.

The Terrible Time of Day - Part 1

I don't think anybody has summarized what is happening on the face of the Earth. In order to change our ways, we seem to need to terrify ourselves, anticipating tidal waves and catastrophes.

Permaculture - Design for Sustainable Living

Andy Goldring

In our turbulent and fast-changing world, the challenges of making sense of what's going on and living as good a life as possible often seem difficult.