Member Benefits

Members learning together in an outdoor setting

Becoming a member of the Permaculture Association can be a transformational event for you, for us, and for the thousands of people and projects we support.

We are all working so hard to protect and regenerate our planet.

By becoming a member, you join a network of inspiring, motivated people making positive changes in their lives, communities and landscapes that are for the benefit of all.


Without your membership we couldn’t do the work we do educating, networking, promoting and driving forward the message and ethics we would like to see as the foundation for everything humans do: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares.

Being a member-funded charity allows us to do so much more important work than we could if we were solely reliant on grant funding.

By being a member you also become a stakeholder in the Permaculture Association, helping us create the world we all want to live in.



An extensive membership package

There are many great reasons to join the Permaculture Association in addition to supporting our work. We provide our members with all the following benefits and services:


  • Permaculture Works adaptation cover

    Permaculture Works journal - our newly redesigned 64 page publication featuring articles, designs and recipes - next issue due May 2022 (£6 to non members).

  • Network News - A monthly email giving you the latest news, events, jobs and opportunities. Plus stories from the network and links to learn more about permaculture.
  • Exclusive learning email series - We will send you a series of educational emails every few weeks, themed around the 12 Holmgren principles of permaculture. This is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, discover new aspects of the design process, and learn useful practical solutions. See the first email for free here. Receive the full series when you join as a member.

  • Member calls - in response to the Covid-19 crisis we have been trialing a number of member calls to encourage networking and support during this difficult time. Look out for more information about these calls in the Network News emails. Educator members also benefit from the much celebrated and estabilised regular MOG calls.
  • *NEW* If you have a permaculture inspired project or are interested in becoming a part of our network of demonstration sites you are invited to our brand new series of Project and LAND calls! Check out this year's schedule. Read about the 2021 series here.
  • Project benefits - In addition to these calls, those that opt in to our projects network benefit from additional project benefits such as discounted liability insurance, projects Slack group and more. Full list of projects benefits available here. Includes FREE access to our monthly project masterclasses, where you can get advice and support for your project from industry experts on a range of practical topics including funding, equity, diversity and inclusion and business planning.
  • Online Members area - Featuring members mapmember discountspast publicationshelp and feedback.
  • Discounts - Great discounts from our partners and for Permaculture Association online courses! Click here for the full list.
  • Website listings - Create your own profile and add content to the website noticeboard - tell people about your events, courses, jobs, and list offers and requests.
  • Promotion - publicity for your projects, courses and events via our website, social media and monthly ebulletin sending to over 9,000 subscribers.
  • Affinity promotions – your purchases can benefit the charity. Click here for the full list.
  • Networking - contacts in Britain and around the world. You can request lists of members in your area at any time, or contact them directly via the members map.
    Permaculture Association UK celebrating and commiting to action at the national permaculture convergence 2018
  • Regional and national events - find out first about conferences, convergences and other events, including the very popular Permaculture Convergence that we host each year.
  • Mediation services - assitance resolving many forms of dispute
  • Project's support - helps groups and projects to attract funds and makes it easier to exchange skills and resources. Find out more here.
  • Join working groups - help guide our work, whether in a regional group, education, the diploma.
  • Help with your enquiries - we can recommend places to visit, books to read and connect you to others who can help you if we can't.



Educator members

Educator members benefit from all the benefits listed above, plus a dedicated Educators online portal, and the very popular Monthly Online Gatherings (MOGs!) where you can connect with other educators, get support and develop your skills. Read all about the new membership package here.


Diploma members

Permaculture design course graduates can work towards the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. With over 500 apprentices and 40 tutors across Britain and overseas, you'll be part of a vibrant network that will help you put your permaculture theory into practice and develop a range of new skills. Membership is essential as a Diploma apprentice - it keeps us in touch, plus you can benefit from our regular Diploma Gatherings and online socials. Find out more and sign up to this membership here.


Lifetime members

Lifetime members will benefit from all of the above - for life!


Group members

  • All the benefits listed under individual membership benefits above.
  • Group member feature on our blog.
  • Organisation listing on the website.
  • Access funding from trusts and charities that only give grants to registered charities via Project Support.
  • All groups are listed online (unless you ask not to be).

Business and Organisation members (NGOs, universities etc.)

Business and Organisation Membership is a new area for us and we are keen to work with you in a flexible way to meet your needs and expectations.

In addition to the usual member benefits, business members will also receive:

  • Business member feature on the Permaculture Association blog
  • Partnerships - we actively encourage and seek partnerships with Business and Charity Members. A member of our staff will call you to explore opportunities for joint working on mutually beneficial projects.
  • Telephone help-line - help with your enquiries. We can guide you to a wide range of resources, recommend places to visit, advise on training opportunities, books to read, and provide broad technical assistance.


Benefits to othersTwo members at a convergence smile for the camera. They are wearing t-shirts designed by Karuna Insight Design.

As well as getting a good range of excellent value services, joining the Association means that you are helping us to help others and supporting the network.

Our enquiry service is used by thousands of people each year, and we provide a wide range of information that really makes a difference - connecting people, ideas and resources.

If you are already a member, thank you! If not, please consider joining the thriving permaculture network.

We also welcome donations to support additional work to develop permaculture in Britain and around the world - many permaculture projects have benefited from your generosity and made a real difference to those involved.