At the International Permaculture Convergence (IPC) in Cuba, 2013, it was formally recognised that the permaculture movement worldwide would benefit from greater coherence at an international level. The Next Big Step project was formed to facilitate a global consultation on what we need, how we can work together, and what we can achieve. By reading this, you are already part of this process.

Working together we have an amazing capacity. Our breadth and depth of knowledge about permaculture designs, techniques, processes and approaches is staggeringly vast. We have a fantastic skill set to share and develop. However, we don't currently have a way of easily sharing our knowledge across the world, or collectively making a difference, or tapping in to all these potential benefits. That is what we're asking about in this project. How can we better work together? What can we achieve by working together? What support might you need? What can you share with others?

We recognize that this is an iterative process, and this is just the starting point. It’s an opportunity for everyone to shape the direction of the permaculture movement. Our aim over the next few months is:

To develop a strategic road map for the international permaculture network: by facilitating the work of an international team that will develop proposals for the next phase of international permaculture network development, for consideration at the IPC in September 2015.