Broadscale Agriculture

Broadscale agriculture refers to field management techniques at the landscape scale. Here the term is used to describe the underlying methods for managing the agricultural landscape, whether the landscape is being managed specifically for animals, crops, biomass or biodiversity.

Permaculture design enables the realisation of ecologically rich landscapes that produce food with reduced inputs and reduced dependency upon refined chemicals and other external and artificial compounds, whilst creating diversified and increased total yields. To achieve this, permaculture farm designers incorporate new and old sustainable and restorative agricultural practices, land management techniques and strategies from around the world.

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Biodynamic techniques draw on the work of Austrian spiritual teacher Rudolf Steiner in the early years of the last century.

Holistic rangeland management

Holistic land management was developed as a response to the degradation of soils caused by cattle ranching in the American mid-west.

Swales and contours

Keylines are enhanced contours which collect and direct water on sloping land without the need for terracing. The water collected by the keylines is directed into dammed ponds and is then drip-fed by gravity irrigation for crops and animals.

Masanobu Fukuoka

Natural farming

Natural farming was developed in Japan by Masanobu Fukuoka but has been used all over the world, especially in developing countries with peasant populations.

Natural sequence farming

Natural sequence farming is a way of restoring degraded, deforested, eroded or salinated land to full fertility.

Organic agriculture

Organic farming is a form of 

Water for crops and animals

A big effect of climate change is unpredictable rainfall, causing both droughts and floods. This is an acute threat to crops and livelihoods. Adapt by improving how you collect and store water on your land.

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