Pedro Valdjiu - Educator Profile


In 2008 Pedro Valdjiu had a dream of creating a Permaculture Educational Center that would be the breeding ground of a cultural movement to spread around the world. Ten years later Pedro’s dream has come true: Terra Alta has trained hundreds of people from all walks of life, from permaculture design courses ( PDC ) to sustainable house building and regenerative living solutions. The community has become a model of what off-the-grid living can look like and Pedro Valdjiu has emerged as a visionary founder, teacher and cultural regenerative agent of a movement that keeps getting bigger.

Within the Permaculture world, Pedro is a Permaculture project consultant, a certified teacher of the UK Association of Permaculture, a student of Sepp Holzer and teachings of David Holmgren and a passionate facilitator in the areas of Beekeeping, Forest Gardening, Natural Building, Eco-Village Design, Alternative Energy and Off-the-Grid Solutions.

Outside of the permaculture world, Pedro is an award-winning filmmaker and musician. He is the founder and member of the world-renowned musical band Blasted Mechanism. He is the co-founder of a Waldorf School that brings a love based education to children into the local community. And he is the father of two beautiful daughters and companion for about 24 years of lovely Rita Seixas.

Qualifications and skills

Permaculture Design Course – 2009 – with Doug Crouch and Gautier Gras ( Treeyo Permaculture )
Water Regeneration Landscape- 2009 – with Zepp Holzer ( Tamera Institute )
Organic Farming – 2010 – Isabel Castanheira ( Cooperative Quinta 7 Nomes )
Social Permaculture – 2013 – Peter Cow – Living in circles ( Terra Alta )
Introduction to Sociocracy – 2014 ( Bio Vila )
Beekeeping Course – 2014 – Harald Hefner ( Quinta Luzio )
Permaculture Teacher Training – 2015 – Robina McCurdy and Doug Crouch ( Terra Alta )
Timber Framing – Round wood – Terra Alta – Alan Ueland ( Terra Alta )
Timber Framing – Introduction course – Ruka ( Terra Alta )
Luthier – Guitar building course – Mark Bayley UK
Eco-village design education - Social dimension (GEDS) - 2017

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

Cultural Regeneration
Land based design
Social projects
Film and other Media about Permaculture
Timber Framing, Natural Building
Appropriate Technology and Off the Grid
Alternative economies
Permaculture Ethics and Principals
Educational resources

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Land based design
Social projects - Waldorf school designer/founder,
Film and other Media about Permaculture
Timber Framing, Natural Building
Appropriate Technology and Off the Grid

Teaching Information

Please contact me for details.