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I've been a Permaculture Educator since 2012. I've come to Permaculture through my studies in Berlin in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. In my main research and Masters I focused on my long-term interest in the links between ecological and cultural renewal and the effects this has on the individual. Permaculture fascinated me with its ability to pull together stands of ecological design, community/village building, social justice and personal resilience and transformation. Within the Permaculture framework, these dimensions form a coherent whole for the designer to work with.

I have travelled and worked in various climate zones staying in eco-communities and regeneration projects across India and South-East Asia as well as Europe, learning about and applying Permaculture Design and Deep Ecology ideas and knowledge wherever possible.

After completing my Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC), I've undertaken extra trainings such as the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, the 1-month Ecovillage Design Education (Training for Trainers), Introduction to Sociocracy, Transformative Collaboration, the Art of Hosting, a one year outdoor leardership training (Call of the Wild) at Schumacher College, Forest Gardening with Martin Crawford, a facilitation training in Deep Ecology with Chris Johnston and Jenny Mackewn and the Permaculture Training of Trainers with Looby Macnamara, Chris Evans and Tomas Remiarz.

I am currently based in the UK, London and South Devon, where I teach Permaculture and runs various community and food growing projects through a social enterprise I founded called Social Landscapes. Inspired by Permaculture, Forest Gardening and Ecovillage Design principles, Social Landscapes seeks to create flourishing and resilient pocket-cultures within London through offering training and engaging people in outdoors to reinvent the public spaces they live in. I support various Permaculture projects within Europe to implement Permaculture principles and by teaching courses in these places with a stronger focus on landscape restoration.

I sees permaculture as a dance with nature, where nature takes the lead to create more harmonious places and futures for all.

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