Mohammad Saleh - Educator Profile


Permaculture specialist with 10 years of experience. I have been designing innovative ecological and urban gardening/farming systems and solutions carefully planned for the mediterranean climate and the unique Palestinian context, involving landless people, refugees, school students and small-scale gardeners.
Permaculture educator offering design courses locally and internationally and certified from the UK Permaculture institute.
I taught students of all ages, from all social backgrounds and set of skills, including university graduates and post graduates, women, expats, professionals from various disciplines and farmers.
I have worked with a wide spectrum of entities such as NGOs, schools, community centers, companies, vocational centers, farms, art centers, the private sector and the public sector at home and abroad.
My expertise is multidisciplinary, holistic, practical, grassroot as well as academic. This has given me the opportunity to easily connect and work with all parts of the society.

Qualifications and skills

University degree in Psychology
University degree in Musicology
Executive Manager on several job positions
Permaculture Designer and practitioner since 2013

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

Aquaponics & EcoPonics
3D design (Skecthup)
2D hand Designs (Multi layered)
Google Drive suit for teaching and design
Edible Landscaping
Film making (Editing and filming)
Power tools operation

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Urban gardening
Urban Farming
School education
Recycling and upcycling using hand and power tools
Water-savey gardens (Aquaponics, Wicking beds, earthworks, Hugels, etc...)
Off-the-grid Center management
Eco Art
Mediterranean climate
Arab Culture
Palestinian Context

Teaching Information
Offering teaching in the following geographical areas: 
West bank Jerusalem Palestine 48 and internationally
I teach at weekends.

Please contact me for details.