Vale de Lama

The farm (actually 9 contiguous but legally separate properties, now re-integrated under common ownership) is organized about the following CENTERS OF ACTIVITY:

1. Casa Vale da Lama: original “Home Base” of the project, following extensive renovation and creation of the “Sweet Spot,” now fully realized as an EcoResort;
2. “Lama Gardens” : the agricultural base of food production and ecological regeneration on the Permaculture Farm, having two different facets:
a. Lama Gardens North: primarily focused on vegetable production;
b. Lama Gardens South: primarily focused on trees and vines and extensive pastoral operations;
3. Campo do Vale: summer camp site, nucleus of our nature study & conservation area, now home of PND (see below);
4. “Lama Village” : home for live in staff, where they join with seasonal volunteers and active supporters who choose to live onsite, in an intentional community of practice.

These centers are the physical nucleo about which all essential functions of the farm are clustered in 4 “Service Circles.” These circles are joined at the level of the Farm Services Council, where decisions regarding governance of the farm\’s common resources – Ecological, Economic and EcoSocial- are made by unanimous consent.