Son Barrina

The PTM course will take place at Son Barrina, a lovely six hectare organic farm in the centre of the island, and the site of Mallorca’s first organic food shop.
At the farm, PermaMed is developing an innovative project called The Permaculture Circles, a forest garden designed by Julio Cantos Gazquez, one of the most experienced, respected and well-known permaculturalists in Spain. The form of the circles comes from the permaculture design practice of zoning, in which different human activities are represented symbolically in concentric circles. Son Barrina aims to provide a base for experimentation of sustainable human activities. The overall project is based on the development of a large multilayered agroforestry system known as a food forest where educational courses, workshops, and tours are made.
The course sessions will take place outside when there is good weather (which should be the case in mid-October, one of the nicer times of the year).

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