Orreviks Gard, Sweden

Orreviks Gård is an 80 acre farm on Sweden's west coast in a landscape noted for its stunning variation in biotopes, rich in edges and diversity. The property, which borders an island nature reserve, stretches from the sandy flats by the ocean, along a trout stream, into highland plateaus of firs and blueberry bushes.

The fields, forests and ridges provide ample opportunities for exploring and deepening our relationship to a diversity of beings. Here you can immerse yourself in close encounters with the wild, watch browsing moose, follow lynx trails or harvest mussels from the sea. Thanks to the generous Swedish right to roam tradition, visitors can also enjoy exploring the surrounding lands.

The family, which includes a horse, cats and ducks, honours the farms' 650 year old tradition by tending the lands with the intent to maximize biological and cultural diversity, offering workshops in nature awareness, tracking, permaculture and much more. A three-story wooden guest-house on the site has offered visitors a place to relax since 1929.

Orreviks Gard