Oak Tree House - an eco show home

Oak Tree House is Woking Borough Council's demonstration property for energy efficiency and renewable technology. Prior to being refurbished, the old Police House had very little in the way of energy saving measures and did not meet the Government's Decent Homes standard. In addition to improving the property to meet Decent Homes, Woking decided to take the opportunity to show residents the range of energy efficiency and renewable technologies that could be retrofitted into existing houses.
Oak Tree House is a typical 3 bedroom, detached property on a housing estate, and is also now a showcase for low carbon living, demonstrating affordable and innovative techniques for our homes and gardens - low energy heating and electrical systems, insulation examples, water wise landscaping, draught proofing, practical tips and tricks and consumer choices.
Contact Action Surrey for more information and free tours of the property.

Oak Tree Road,
Woking, Surrey, Surrey
United Kingdom
Surrey GB